Hi, I'm Courtney. 

Making is the only thing I have ever been good at. In my professional career I receive an image, concept or design and I bring it to life.
I take the image and break it down in my head and rebuild it in the physical form. That is my job... and I love it!
Now for the first time I am the designer and the creator.
I make things because it is what I love to do and I never wanted to follow the ‘normal path’ where creatives are told “one day you will have to get a real job.” Even back in the day my careers advisor, strangers and multiple art teachers told me that what I wanted for my life wasn’t a thing.
But why not. Why can’t I make things for a living.
I started drawing as a way to relax, but through the power of the internet, people starting seeing the artwork and following along with me.

Welcome to my website :) 
Follow along if you want to, share with others and get involved 🙂
This is a safe and respectful place and all are welcome.